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The Humpty Dumpty Institute

The Humpty Dumpty Institute To Take United Nations  Diplomats to Los Angeles, CA

June 17th, 2008

New York. N.Y.The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI) through its “U.N. Across America Program”, will bring a delegation of senior U.N. diplomats to Los Angeles, California, June 22-June 24. (List below) The delegation will arrive in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon, June 22. Included among their activities while in Los Angeles are a roundtable with students and faculty of the University of Southern California, a lunch and program at California State University under the auspices of the California African American Political and Economic Institute, a meeting with the Motion Picture Association of America on protection of intellectual property, and touring the cultural sites of the city.

Ms. Constance Milstein, Chairman of HDI, says “HDI’s ‘U.N. Across America” program is designed to show U.N. diplomats areas throughout the United States they might not have the opportunity to visit. We believe that it is extremely important to expose them to the economic and cultural vibrancy of Los Angeles and give them a chance to forge ties with the city’s business, academic, and cultural communities”.

Ambassador Abdullah Al Saidi- Permanent Representative of Yemen

Ambassador Milos Prica – Permanent Representative of Bosnia

Ambassador Joseph Nsengimana – Permanent Representative of Rwanda

Ambassador Steve Dick Matenje – Permanent Representative of Malawi

Ambassador Park Inkook – Permanent Representative of South Korea

Mr. Huang Hongjiang – Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations

Mr. Khalid Alwafi – Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations

Mr. Cedrick Crowley – Permanent Mission of South Africa

Mr. Kevin M. Chalker - Permanent Mission of the United States

Ms. Silva Bonacito – United Nations Secretariat Office of the Secretary General



For a detailed schedule or to arrange interviews with any of the participants, please contact HDI Program Manager Alma Manzo at 212-944-7111, or by e-mail at