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The Humpty Dumpty Institute


The Humpty Dumpty Institute to Take United Nations Diplomats  to Charleston, SC


June 25th, 2009

New York City, N.Y. — The Humpty Dumpty Institute through its “U.N. Across America Program” will bring a delegation of women U.N. Permanent Representatives to Charleston on June 28th-30th, 2009 (see list below).  The delegation will arrive in Charleston on Sunday afternoon, June 28th and will be hosted that evening for a reception at the home of James Swink, CEO of the Young Pecan Company.  On Monday June 29th the delegation will tour the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center with Glen Robert of Anson Mills, followed by a tour of Gullah Culture on St. Helena’s Island. The group of ambassadors will also take part in a panel discussion on Women’s Issues on Tuesday, June 30th, at 9:00 a.m. at the Francis Marion Hotel. The purpose of the panel is to create a dialogue between the Ambassadors and women leaders in the Charleston area on a variety of local and global issues.

Ms. Connie Milstein, Chairman of HDI, said, “We are particularly pleased to bring a group of outstanding women ambassadors from the U.N. to the “Jewel” of the South allowing them to see the vibrancy of life in one of our nation’s greatest cities – Charleston, South Carolina.” For a detailed schedule or to arrange interviews with any of the participants, please contact HDI Program Manager Joni Albers at 212-944-7111, or by e-mail at

This program is part of HDI’s larger public diplomacy effort that creates bonds between top level foreign diplomats and communities around the country. The Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations, Ambassador Simona Mirela Miculescu said, “We are grateful to HDI for providing this wonderful opportunity to visit one of the most exciting cities in the US and for giving us the chance to talk about the UN and our countries to the very interesting people we’ll meet in Charleston”.

1. Ambassador Aksoltan T. Ataeva – U.N. Permanent Representative/ Turkmenistan
2. Ambassador Ismat Jahan – U.N. Permanent Representative / Bangladesh
3. Ambassador Marina Valere – U.N. Permanent Representative/ Trinidad & Tobago
4. Ambassador Simona Mirela Miculescu – U.N. Permanent Representative / Romania
5. Ambassador Anda Filip – U.N. Permanent Observer/Inter-Parliamentary Union
6. Ms. Puseletso Adelinah Molato – Economic and Social Affairs Officer                                                                             Representative from the Office of the African Union


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